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from 19.95

Signed Paperback/Bookplated Paperback/Expanded Digital version

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Signed Paperback/Bookplated Paperback/Expanded Digital version

Aardwolf’s long-standing relationship with Marvel artists Dave Cockrum and Paty Cockrum is recounted throughout Clifford Meth’s Comic Book Babylon.

With Dave Cockrum’s independently-produced Futurians series, Aardwolf has enjoyed working with the Cockrums to bring these Futurians episodes to comics fans.

Aardwolf produced this video for the Kickstarter campaign that brought Dave Cockrum's FUTURIANS RETURN to market.

Funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, this full-color graphic novel contains the long-lost Futurians story Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight (Story: Dave Cockrum/Pencils: Dave Cockrum with “Wally Bonner”and Richard O’Hara/Inks: Robin Riggs with Bob Wiacek/Colors: Paty Cockrum/Letters: Tom Orzechowski/Covers: Ray Lago with Jim Lee). Also includes dozens of tributes to Dave (in both art and word) from Neil Gaiman, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Lee, Ricardo Villagran, Bob Wiacek, Ray Lago, Mark Wheatley, Paty Cockrum, Michael Netzer, Mike Pascale, Guy Dorian, Mark Wheatly, Mark McKenna, Neil Vokes, Pat Broderick, Ken Meyer, Gary Shipman, Clifford Meth, and other fans and fan-favorites.

FUTURIANS RETURN – Signed editions
All orders through Aardwolf Publishing are signed by editor Clifford Meth.

FUTURIANS RETURN – Special bookplate editions
Special versions of the paperback edition contain bookplates variously signed by

  • Neal Adams
  • Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Walt Simonson
  • Adam Kubert & Andy Kubert
  • Ray Lago
  • Bob Wiacek (who also remarqued many bookplates).

These will be made available through our website or through our Kickstarter campaigns at various times. Please send us a note through our contact page, and we’ll add you to our mailing list so you don’t miss out.