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Neal Adams Predicts FUTURIANS Film


Several years, ago author Clifford Meth and I sat with Neal Adams at Continuity Studios in New York City brainstorming about Dave Cockrum. Neal had helped Dave get his first professional work. Thirty years later, he and Cliff had engineered a break-through settlement with Marvel over Dave’s X-Men royalties.

The Futurians will either be a TV series or a movie,” said Neal with that famed Adams’ confidence. “I think a movie.”

I looked over at Cliff. We were just putting together the Kickstarter that would launch Dave’s final project, THE FUTURIANS RETURN. “What do you think?” I asked Cliff.

Cliff smiled. “Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Mom's. And never bet against Neal Adams,” said Cliff.

Aardwolf Publishing congratulates Rob Liefeld on his recent deal with the Cockrum Estate. And we bet Neal Adams is smiling, too. But before Rob’s publishing project—or a film—come along, you can still order Dave Cockrum’s original, limited-edition THE FUTURIANS RETURN here.

- Jim

PS: See the report in the Hollywood Reporter