Aardwolf Publishing

Let the baker compromise,
the cop, and the mailman.
Some of us must hold
the hollowed ground.
— Charles Bukowski

Real Writing is Dangerous Business.

Aardwolf is about writing. The written word.
And to complement the word,
illustrations by some of the finest artists in the world.


Style & Quality

Aardwolf Publishing has been producing a unique line of books by some of the best authors and artists who’ve emerged from the comics and entertainment mediums in the last 60 years.

Founded in 1998, Aardwolf has gained a reputation for the type of publications not readily found in the often-too-fluffy mainstream culture. In today’s fast-pace trends, where great masters are prematurely laid to pasture, Aardwolf seeks them out and draws them back into the limelight. The dark fiction narrative, driven by a burgeoning creative spirit, a cry for humanity, and a rich experience with mitigating environments, is also a guiding light for us, by which we can give something back to our world through these publications.

Our products can be viewed and purchased through the Buy Direct catalogue, or by our listing of Authors and Artists above, all in the main menu. We hope you like what you see here and join us in maintaining this creative momentum of the legendary and magnificent talent who’ve made Aardwolf a flagship enterprise.