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Wearing the Horns

What happens to a man when life spins so far out of control that his core beliefs are put to the test? Find out in WEARING THE HORNS. "This is as bold a book as you will ever read," says Publishers Weekly. "Taking on the complacency of the Divorce Culture, this dark coming-of-middle-age chronicle slaughters numerous sacred cows in one fell swoop."
Five years after his last book, Clifford Meth finally returns with a novella that's faster and more furious than anything he's ever written before.

Wrapped in Frank Brunner's incredible cover, you'll find not only Meth's first novella but also illustrations by Dave "X-Men" Cockrum, Paty Cockrum, Mike "Bru-Hed" Pascale, and a special introduction by Pat DiNizio, famed singer/songwriter of The Smithereens (www.patdinizio.com).

Click here for an interview with Clifford Meth from Westfield Comics' website.

Trade Paperback: $13.95.

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