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Crib Death & Other Bedtime Stories
Crib Death: The Baby-sitter's Companion

Because of the popularity of Clifford Lawrence Meth's first collection of short fiction, Aardwolf has reissued this collection with a new story ("Queers"). This edition is called Crib Death: The Baby-sitter's Companion and also features a new Foreword by Tony Isabella and a new illustration by Bill Messner-Loebs.

This is what THE COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE has to say about CRIB DEATH...

"This collection of short tales by Clifford Lawrence Meth has the uncommon good fortune to be graced not only with an exquisite cover by Joseph Michael Linsner and interior illustrations by Rob Orzechowski, Paul Abrams, Marie Severin, Paty, Mike Witherby, and Dave Cockrum, but also with the fine-tuned comic-book sensibility of its author...Meth tells [these stories] with a vividness akin to the house of Gaines.

"Of course, such is the nature of the stories featured herein that writing about them in any detail would lessen your enjoyment thereof. I'll content myself with the lone observation that 'The Asshole Syndrome' is one of the funniest horror stories I've read...and the heartfelt advice that you get this puppy as soon as possible."

Note: Two stories in this collection are listed in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Anthology (St. Martin's Press, 1996).

Crib Death & Other Bedtime Stories: 70 pages, $7.95

Crib Death: The Baby-sitter's Companion: 94 pages, $6.95
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